Re: Hungary Ancestor location Help needed #hungary


I think you are right. Another member emailed me the following:

The place that Herman Fabian identified  as his birthplace is, beyond any doubt, 
Velyki Heivtsi/Nagygejōc/Gevitz present-day Ukraine. Have in mind that in ukrainian H is pronounced as G.  
Gross (german)  = Nagy (hungarian) = Velyki (russian)  =Great (english). 

This all makes sense, as my great grandfather came from TiszaSalamon now Solomonove which is 14 miles from there. 

I wish I could find some matching records. It is great to finally have a location. Another brick wall knocked down. 

Thanks to all who responded, either by email. or to the forum. 

Scott P. Dann 216/470-0195

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