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Barbara Stack

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Hello all,

I've attached 12 pages of the document Ilya referenced listing of numbers of Volyn Jews in 175--a much more manageable file. Perhaps someone can transcribe it?
Best regards,
Barbara Stack
Berkeley, CA
ALTSTEIN                       Mlawa, Poland
ALTSZTEJN                    Nowy Dwor, Mazowiecki, Poland
CHRZADOWSKI            Brzeziny, Poland
CHSHUNSTOFSKY       Brzeziny, Kikol, Lipno Poland
DROZDOWCIZ              Nowy Dwor, Mazowiecki, Poland
OLDSTEIN                      England, US, Australia
RESNICK                        Volhynia, Ukraine
SCHLEGER                     Lokachi, Ukraine
STACHOWITZ                USA
STASIOWICH                 Nowy Dwor, Mazowiecki, Poland
THORNER                       Plock, Poland
TORUNCZYK                 Warszawa, Poland
YECHT                             Lokachi, Ukraine
ZLOTNICK                      Nowy Dwor, Mazowiecki, Poland

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