Vilnius household registers - not just for Litvaks! #lithuania #records

Russ Maurer

If you don't normally read Lithuania messages on this list, this message is especially for you. It is about the Vilnius household registers, a project of LitvakSIG, and yes, of course Vilnius is in Lithuania. But the reach of the household registers extends far beyond Vilnius, because Vilnius, prior to WWII, was a center for commerce, medicine, the arts, scholarship, religion, and more. It attracted Jews from all over who came to Vilnius, perhaps to pursue a career, to go to school, to seek medical treatment, for religious studies, to conduct business, or for other reasons. The household registers are full of people who were born somewhere else, lived somewhere else, or were headed somewhere else then they left Vilnius.
Thus, even if you believe your relatives were never in Vilnius, it is worth your while to check in on this project from time to time - for example, right now, since we just announced our 13th batch of data, bringing the completed total to over 65,000 lines. The preview file attached to this message (which can also be downloaded with this link: will allow you to evaluate whether there is something of interest to you in our data. The preview file shows the full name and age/year of birth of each person in our data.
Just a couple of quick hits about the registers:
1. They were created during the period 1919-1940, but include people born prior to the interwar period.
2. They include persons of all ages, not just adults.
3. Fields include the full name and maiden name; names of the parents including maiden name of the mother; age or year of birth; place of birth; place of previous residence; dates of registration and departure; next destination.
You can read the project description here. I am happy to answer questions sent to me at vhrproject@....
Russ Maurer, LitvakSIG
Project Coordinator
LitvakSIG is an independent organization that raises its own funds and determines its own activities.  We are grateful to our donors and translators, without whom we could not carry out projects such as the household registers. To learn how to support LitvakSIG's work, visit our website,  

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