Re: Latest additions to JGFF towns database #JewishGenUpdates

Alexander Sharon


JGFF Quality Assurance system includes following elements:

All town names that researchers have requested to add to JGFF system are discussed with the researcher, and following mutual review/discussions are approved and added to JGFF database.
Addition is done by JGFF supervisor in the internal document known as JGFF administration panel.
Entry includes town and country names only.

Email is forwarded to researcher to inform her/him that town is approved and encourage researcher to add family names related to the approved locality.

Towns that have been updated by the researchers that include researched surnames, are shown in bold format, but towns that for some reasons were not updated by the researchers to include  researched family names are shown in the non-bold format.
New JGFF town entry must include researched names for the researched town, otherwise a purpose of JGFF system as the meeting place is not working.

I have no slightest idea why researcher didn't add researched surnames to the newly introduced town to the system.

Criteria to add new towns:

In general terms it is already explain in JGFF FAQ at

Town must have Jewish historical character: listed in your family documents or known from the family stories.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF coordinator

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