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the original question has probably been answered rather thoroughly by now. i would just like to add a small note on methodology.

naturalization records usually include the date and place of immigration, as well as any changes in the applicant's name from when they landed. i don't know whether this information was verified at the time of naturalization, but all the ones that i've seen were accurate, and it's likely that they didn't rely only on the applicant's memory. (the immigration service could issue certificates of immigration, and there were books listing steamship arrivals.)

the manifest, if it's available, will have the last place of residence, and the next of kin, which usually means that the name of the town will be written out twice. and since it was written by the steamship company and based on the ticket purchase, it's more likely that they understood the immigrant's language, and less likely that the specific location was glossed over into the nearest larger town.


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My 2nd great grandmother's brother, Herman Fabian's naturalization record indicates he was from "Gross Gevitz" Hungary. I have not been able to locate any other document, link, or information mentioning that location. I have tried multiple variations on spelling to no avail. Does anyone have any clue what town/shtetl he was referring to?


....... tom klein, toronto

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