Nidyki, Ukmerge uzed: Current location? #lithuania

Laurie Sosna

I located my gg-grandfather Nokhim FRIDZESON and his two sons in the 1874 All Lithuania Revision List-Part 1.
The record says they registered in Sirvintos and reside in Nidyki, Ukmerge uzed.  I was not able to find the current location for Nidyki using the Town Finder on JewishGen or the Shtetl List on LitvakSIG. I've tried all the variables, I'm just not finding it.
Any ideas would be most welcome.
Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA
SOSNA: Ivonivka (near Yampil), Mogilev
GOIKHMAN: Rascov, Mogilev
LEVIN: Vilna, Dnipro
KOBB: Ukmerge

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