1910 Manhattan census - Seward Park Strollers #usa

Mary Henderson

Hi, all!

In the 1910 Manhattan census there are 2 supplementary sheets with a
list of men shown with relationship "partners" except the first person
listed on each page is shown as "head". Most show a birthplace of
"Russ Yiddish". Along the left margin is written "Seward Park

I am not permitted, by group restrictions to this list, to include the
links to view this census page, but can privately provide both an
Ancestry link and a FamilySearch link to this census page.

Does anyone know what "Seward Park Strollers" would represent? I've
Googled it, and only see a reference to a newspaper blurb in 1920
about a tailor attacking the Seward Park Strollers, but with nothing
else to indicate who the Seward Street Strollers are.

Thank you!

Mary Henderson

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