Re: Information Wanted regarding the Legion Etrangere Civile #france


Did you search this database :

There are many entries. You may find your father. I hope you will. 

GOTTLIEB Albert 24-12-1894AllemagneGOTTLIEBAlbert 24-12-1894AllemagneGOTTLIEBAndré 17-04-1918 HongrieGOTTLIEBAndré27-04-1918 HongrieGOTTLIEBIsidore09-06-1918Autriche GOTTLIEBJoseph07-05-1915Hongrie GOTTLIEBJoseph07-05-1915Hongrie GOTTLIEBJoseph17-04-1919Hongrie GOTTLIEB Joseph17-08-1919Hongrie GOTTLIEB Marc26-02-1905GOTTLIEB Marc26-02-1905GOTTLIEB Sammuel10-08-1896Palestine

You might search with other spellings, such as GOTLIEB, GOTTLIB, GOTLIB. 

Good luck!
Daniel Ewenczyk
Paris, France 

GOTLIEB Meyer 20-03-1904 Pologne


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