Viewmate Translation requewst - Polish #poland #translation #records


I am looking for a translation of Viewmate 88547.  I would like parents names, date of marriage, age of the two people marrying, and anything else you could tell me such as occpations, etc.  The record is located at the following address:

Thank you in advance!

Lois Jolson
JOLSON, JOELSON, DOREMBUS, JEDWAB: Wyszogrod and Kaluszyn Poland
LEWERTOWICZ, EJDEM, ROCLAW: Ostrow Mazowiecka, Sniadowo and Andrzejewo Poland
BULLER, HOFFER: Wiznitz, Bukovina
SCHNITZER: Kuty, Galicia
ZLOTOPIORO: Biala Podlaska, Poland
LITTAUER: Myszyniec, Poland
ZONSZAJN, WAJSBERG: Sieldce, Poland.

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