Re: Details of family photo from Tilsit, East Prussia #photographs #germany

Barbara Algaze

Regarding the wedding ring on the man's left hand:  years ago, when my daughter became engaged, my uncle offered her the wedding rings of his parents (my grandparents).  Inside were inscribed two dates.  My mother explained to me, that it was the tradition of the Jews in Berlin, that when you became engaged, you wore the ring on the ring finger of your right hand, and when you became engaged, the date of the marriage was engraved inside the ring and you wore it on the ring finger of your left hand.

Barbara Algaze
Los Angeles, California

Researching:  COHN from Samter, Tirschtegal, Schoenlanke, Wreschen, Berlin
LEBURG:  Danzig, Berlin
ALGAZE:  Constantinople, Brooklyn, New York

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