Re: Information Wanted regarding the Legion Etrangere Civile #france

Paul Gottlieb

My grandfather, Naftuli Miller, aka Antonin Muller, was forced to
"volunteer" to the French Foreign Legion during WWII as pre-condition to
his entry into the country with his Czechoslovakian passport.
As the story continues, they were refused entry in
several countries, until they came to France. As the French had a treaty
with Czechoslovakia, they allowed my grandparents entry.

Dear Moishe,
Thank you for your informative response. When my father fled Vienna in mid-August 1938, he first went to Czech, and then to France. Notwithstanding his Austrian (not Third Reich) passport, he may have taken that route for the same reason you mentioned for your grandfather - ease of entry into France. As far as records are concerned, I have obtained nothing from the French authorities, but I have been very greatly aided by the many documents my father managed to save, including his original Austrian passport and my mother's French identity card. I have also received much from the Austrian authorities and educational institutions. By the way, my father also left Paris, but for Bordeaux, since after the war began in Sept. 1939, that was where the US had moved its visa office. Best of luck.
Paul Gottlieb

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