Re: Wanted: WWII Era European Railway Maps #general

Robert Murowchick

The David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University is a terrific source for high-resolution scans of historical maps of all periods in all languages. I did a quick search for railroad maps that might be useful to you and found a very nice 1914 Russian railroad map that covers eastern Europe and western Russia

and a 1933 Swiss map that shows Europe's railway connections with Switzerland

Here's a 1948 map of Central Europe showing the railway lines during WWII

From a different collection, a Russian 1941 map showing the USSR railway network can be found here

Bob Murowchick

Robert Murowchick    <robertmurowchick AT>
Needham, MA

Researching these family links:
MUROWCHICK/MURAWCHICK/MURAWCZYK etc (David-Gorodok, Belarus, New Jersey, Chicago)
KUNECK/KONIK/KYONIK (Kozhan-Gorodok, Belarus)
EPSTEIN/EPSTINE (Gavish/Gavieze, Liepaja, Latvia)
SEGAL/SIEGEL (Tilsit, Koenigsburg, Germany; Baltimore; Chicago)

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