Re: 1910 Manhattan census - Seward Park Strollers #usa

Sherri Bobish

Hi Mary,

I looked at the 1910 census page.  It is fascinating!  All men, a very wide age range (the youngest being 15), and a lot of info left blank for all of them.  Interesting that at the top of the page where it asks for "name of institution" that Seward Park is written.

Also interesting is that the first man at the top of each of the two pages is labeled "head of household" and everyone else as "partner."

It does look like these were homeless men.  I tried to find some info on a few of them after 1910, but had no luck.

A short history of Seward Park at:
mentions that NYC took over administration of the park in 1903. The Park included a running track.  In 1904, a Pavilion was built with a gym, meeting rooms and the first public bathhouse to be opened in a New York City park.

Please let us know if you learn anything more about this.


Sherri Bobish

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