Re: Fw: Survivor testimony #holocaust


Dear Mr. Lande                                                                                                                          20th November 2020

I wonder, I am thankful,  if either you or if anybody else could assist.

I have read a 'Testimony  -- I think it was, may have been  written in 2018?  [  Online--(unfortunately I cannot locate it)

The  'testimony''  is about the painful escape of a Lady--young girl--giving her name as  Chani? or Chavi?  Blau from ABAUJSZANTO --Hungary

I understood from her 'movingly recorded lived experiences .---that she was from Abaujszanto---and presently married to a Mr. KEMENY---
if my recollection is accurate  living in the USA.

As my own late mother    Gabriella--Esther--Biederman  was from Abaujszanto--it triggered in me a lot of memories.

I contacted a Mr Lazer/Gusztav Blau  --  who is also from Abaujszanto  in case  He knows her---unfortunately I do not have enough details.

I would be extremely thankful, if anybody knows Mr and Mrs Kemeny to inform them, I would love to connect with them

Wishing Everybody at Jewish Gen a lovely Guth Shabboth ---countless Shabbothim--in excellent health

Veronika Pachtinger
London UK--daughter of Gabriella Biederman--from Abaujszanto

please, if possible e-mail me direct to :paveanyu@...
Thank you

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