Searching for Anatoly and Marina Korostishevsky (ROPSCHITZ) #ukraine #israel #poland #belarus #galicia


Greetings Genners
My cousin Shtenya ROPSCHITZ from Lvov survived the holocaust by jumping off the train taking her parents
(Amalia and Ludwig Merkel)
and our grandparents (Morris and Sofia Ropschitz)
to their deaths when she was 18.
She married and changed her first name becoming Yusefa Korostishevskaya. Her husband was Arkady and they had a son, Anatoly and a daughter Marina. I would dearly love to track them down. In 1997 they were living in Zhovtneva Street in Lvov but I believe they may have moved to Israel. I came across Stenya's name on a Russian genealogy site which I have not been able to locate since, which suggested she had died (2012 I think) in Israel. The name of the person entering the information was Zhanya Shumax, a name unknown to me. I have been unable to locate Stenya's name on an Israeli grave site so far. Anatoly would be around 70 by now. He could be in Ukraine or Israel...any help much appreciated. I have photos of Stenya and her son Anatoly attached. Marina I am assuming might be harder to find if she has married.

Many thanks
Yolanda Ropschitz-Bentham

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