Re: Records for Ellis Island deportations #records

Mary Henderson

Hi, Marian and group!

Marian - thank you so much for going to such effort, and detailing your efforts for us, regarding the deportation of Ettel and Riwke Rand!  I so appreciate your efforts and also letting the group know what your methodology is.  This has been a really interesting case to work on - I've learned a lot.  One interesting tidbit is that Ettel and Riwke were, of course, both deported, but Ettel Rand turned right around and hopped back on the same ship she was deported on, for it's next trip back to NYC, where she was admitted to the US through Ellis Island.

I was able to get the file numbers for Ettel and Riwke Rand and now have a request in to NARA to see if the records still exist.  I'll keep the group posted on what transpires from my request. 

But here's a golden nugget - I got the file numbers - at no cost! - by emailing the USCIS History Office and Library:

They were super helpful - they sent me the note card on the case with the file number and also told me the Records Group number, and Entry number that would allow NARA to find the records, if they exist.  The person that sent me this said they had had a "discussion" about this in their office, and that they would like me to let them know if I find anything further - so they really took an interest in this - and it really made my day.  So I think the  USCIS History Office and Library can be a really valuable resource, and might help us avoid the high costs of doing a USCIS search, at least perhaps in certain circumstances.  

Mary Henderson


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