Re: Hebrew translation request #translation


I'd like to bring two corrections to what was already translated. 

The second name of the groom is Tzvi. 
The date mentioned is on the back of the document  relating maybe to when a copy of the original document was done. This does not seem to be an original ketubah, since it is lacking signatures. 

Inside the document, the date of the wedding is written as Wednesday 2nd Kislev 5662= November 13 1901 . 
Additionally the ketubah has the name of the place of the wedding, that I read as Harkhov, maybe referring to a place in Ukraine. 
Does this fit in the family story?

At the end of the ketuba, the names of the two witnesses are mentioned :
Abraham followed by a name I am not sure of and by the position of the witness as cantor of the local community. 
Abraham son of the deceased rabbi Aharon. 

Best regards  

Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel 

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