Re: Fradel MESSINGER'S birth record #galicia

Odeda Zlotnick

I am responding to the list since I often learn >from record
interpretations, and hope to learn >from other's responses.

According to the document submitted in ViewMate #53426:
a) Fradel was born on 21 May 1877 (not as Katie writes)
b) Her father was Isaac Messinger - see his signature (I see no David
in his name.)
c) Her mother's parents were Mirel and David - and the word Brody
appears after their name - it looks like David was a children's teacher
in Brody.

Given all the differences between the readings of this document, it
may be worthwhile to take another look at your grandmother's
Canadian document.

That said, It is not unheard of for people to report another year of
birth - and furthermore, our ancestors sometimes only knew the
Hebrew date of their birthday and estimated the Gregorian date.
Perhaps Fradel didn't know her exact year of birth - or wanted to
seem a younger.

21 May in 1877 was a few days after Shavuot - which can be
considered the beginning of summer. So can June 20.

This couple had other children, and their documents too state that
the father is Isaac Messinger, the mother's parents are Mirel and
David (Hersch) >from Brody. One of the other children, a boy born in
1882 is called Wolf. In all three birth registrations, the father signs
his declaration of paternity as "Isaac Messinger".

Using JRI Poland to search for the [starts with] Messing / Biber
combination shows only those three records in the database.

In order to accept Fradel's birth registration as your grandmother's,
you would have to accept her siblings, and explain satisfactorily the
discrepancy in her father's name, as well as the discrepancy in the
date of birth.

Odeda Zlotnick

Searching for: ZLOTNICK, FEIGIN in Lapich Belarus;
MENDELOWITSCH in Tomaszow Mazowietski, Poland; KULKOWER,
Vienna and LEISEROWITZ and ZIGLER in Iassi and Cosula Romania

Katie Sobol <> wrote:

<<Recently I submitted a document on ViewMate #53426 >from Sokal
birth records of a Fradel, born in Sokal November of 1887, whose
parents mentioned were Isaak David MESSINGER and mother Malke
BIBER. I have a Canadian document >from 1946 that Fradel (Freda), my
maternal grandmother stated she was born in Brody June 20, 1880
and that her parents' names were Isaak David MESSINGER and...
Malke BIBER. What are the chances that what I found in birth records
from Sokal is not my grandmother? Can it be that there were other
people with the same names in other areas?>>

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