Newbie looking for a Jewish ancestor in a non Jewish family #unitedkingdom


Hi everyone,

My name is Tanya and I come from a pretty standard non Jewish lineage in London, and S E England, UK.

Recently I spoke with a cousin of my Mum’s, Carol. My Mum was born 1944 and Carol in 1945 so they were very close. Sadly Mum died in 2001 so Carol is the last in my Mum’s paternal family to speak to. 

Carol told me that my G G grandad’s wife was Jewish. I haven’t been able to find anything to prove this. They were married in an Anglican Church in London in 1880. So I’m guessing she converted to Christianity. Would this have meant she was cut her off from her family? The marriage certificate gave her father’s name but I  haven’t been able to find either of them in any searches, including on JewishGen. 

If anyone has any ideas of where I could possibly find any further information on them I would be very grateful as I am now beginning to doubt that she was Jewish at all.

Thank you in advance
Tanya Young 😊 

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