Weil to Weinbach? #germany

sharon yampell


I am helping one of my cousins with an unrelated to me branch of her family and she had the following questions… hoping someone or more than one person can help her with this quandry…


If you can help her, please email her at pamdiego@...; her name is Pam Monroe.


She found these records on jewishgen for my Harburg, Bavaria, Germany family members. Think last name originally Weil then changed to Weinbach?


My 4xGGF was David (Weinbach) Weil. (b. 1751- d. 1813) Haven’t found birth record.

My 3x GGF Moses Weinbach (b. 1781- d. 1844) (from David’s first wife who probably died in child birth) marriage record as well as marriage records of all children with his second wife, lists father as David Weinbach. Weil was omitted.

David’s childrens' birth records with his second wife lists children as Isak David (Weinbach) Weil, Treinle Weinbach, Susskind (Weinbach) Weil, Gabriel Hirsch Weinbach. Father listed on all their birth records as David (Weinbach) Weil.

On each of all 5 childrens’ death records, father listed as David Weinbach. Weil was omitted from every death record. 

David’s death record lists him as David Löw (Weinbach) Weil.

All of these people eventually used adopted the surname Weinbach. Weil was omitted.


DNA surname search on Ancestry came up with 56 (between 20-34 cMs and highest across 8 segments) 4th-6th cousin matches with the surname Weil.




Sharon F. Yampell


Voorhees, NJ

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