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Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with the Ossolineum Institute. Currently located in Wrocław, Poland, the Ossolineum originally opened in Lwów/Lemberg/Lviv in 1832. Under the agreement, the two organizations will partner in the areas of archival research, public education, and cultural exchanges.

Andrew Zalewski, vice president of Gesher Galicia, commented: “Gesher Galicia’s members have already seen value of our interactions with the Ossolineum, which identified census records, inventories of towns, and other records illustrating Jewish presence in the multiethnic milieu of Galicia. This agreement will undoubtedly further enhance what we can discover together and offer a new material to genealogists interested in the region.”

The Ossolineum expressed similar enthusiasm for this new partnership. Agnieszka Franczyk-Cegła, head of early imprints department, said “Our collections include unique objects related to Polish history, literature, and art. With Polish and Jewish history intertwined for centuries, early Jewish books, Haskalah and Hasid literature, and drawings by Jewish artists in our repositories are the testimony of shared heritage. The Ossolineum has been also involved in a digitization project, including the material related to Galician Jews that remained in Lviv after World War II.

For further information on the Ossolineum and its collections, please refer to the recent article by Agnieszka Franczyk-Cegła, Galitzianer, June 2020, 4-8 (available to Gesher Galicia members). For the Ossolineum website, please follow to

To access the Gesher Galicia website, please follow to: Gesher Galicia is already an active partner of the Galicia Jewish Museum in Kraków, the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, the POLIN Museum in Warsaw, Gratz College, Melrose Park, USA, European Jewish Cemetery Initiative, and the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe in Lviv.

Dr. Steven S. Turner
Gesher Galicia, President
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