Re: Kaschan: Where is this Hungarian / Romanian town? #hungary #romania


Dear  All,                                                                                                                        25th November 2020

I did suggest the same as Mr Miller--Kassa,  as  Kosiche has many names, many pronunciation, 

I visited Kassa  more then once as I had 'next of kin's' living there--family Dr Beran. Dr.Madar

At the same time--I leave the 'door' open to Mezokoszony ---Koszony-- and other similar towns, villages 

Like, when I 'hear' ' read'  documentation referring to 'Keresztire--  its correct name is BODROGKERESZTUR--where the famous Reb Shaye Kerestire--resided.

Many 'Hamlets'  became villages, and towns--Like : Liszka, and  Olaszi  presently called Olaszliszka  etc.

Or 'BERCEL'  very often means  TISZABERCEL

Kind regards
Veronika Pachtinger--London UK.

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