Re: Who Filled Out a NYC Marriage License in the 1920s #usa #records

David Gordon

I can't speak for NYC, but my great-grandfather was a rabbi in Washington DC from the turn of the century until the mid-1930s and over the last few decades I have been returning original licenses and marriage certificates to families from a collection that he kept and that I inherited.  In most cases, he filled out the license (and the certificate) himself.  Where the handwriting is not familiar I have no way to be certain but suspect that it was a clerk of the court where the application for the license would have been filed.  Keep in mind that although the groom may have provided information on an application (either in writing or orally), the license itself is not likely to have been in his hand.  My two cents.  Good luck.

David Gordon
Chicago, IL
GORDON, Butrimonys; HORWITZ, Lapichi & Smolevichi 

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