When only part of the family emigrates to the US #usa

Marcia Segal

Hello and greetings to everyone,

Was it uncommon for the husband to come to the US _after_ his wife and children? I know anything is possible, and yet it seems like an oddity. I gathered that, in general, the husband (and perhaps one of the children, old enough to work) would come to the US, and earn enough money to bring over the rest of the family. But in my family a great-grandmother and her two oldest children came to the US (to Philadelphia), arriving in 1892. The note in the passenger manifest indicates that she was going to her sister's place, or perhaps it says her sister met her. It looks like "pp to sister and met." "PP" could be passage paid, but _to_ sister? If her sister met her, this still doesn't explain why her husband didn't meet her, or why he didn't travel with her. As I said, it could have been anything. Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Marcia Segal

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