Balti vs Balta... what is connection #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

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I got a question from our member if there is a any connection between Balti and Balta...  is it the same place, or what, and I replied,  but also decided to send my reply to the whole group.

There are not two but three towns with similar Balti.


1) Beltsi or currently written Balti – that is one of the largest towns in Republic of Moldova, used to be a center of Yassy and later Beltsy uezd (county) in Bessarabia gubernia (province).


2) Balta was an uezd center in Podolia gubernia.  It is very close to Bessarabia and current Moldova.  Several towns, which were in Balta uezd before 1917 are now in Republic of Moldova, like Rybnitsa.


3) To bring more confusion to the picture, there is a town of Belz in Galicia, now in Ukraine… pronunciation of towns 1) and 3) in Yiddish is the same "Belts"

Here are these three towns on the Google map.


 To add, there are families which lived in Balti, Bessarabia, but were registered in Balta, Podolia, and visa versa.

In Bessarabia there are some other towns with same or similar names.

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