Re: Help with translation of a plaque #translation



I am reading the date differently. 
The year at the bottom is 1951 which fits nicely with the part that David did not translate:
He Tav Shin Yud Aleph = 5711.

Before those letters there is another letter: Beth. It makes the month of the death Adar II. 5691 did not have an Adar II. 5711 did. 
Now let's turn to the number of the month  David reads 16 because March 5 1931 fits 16 Adar 5691. 
The second letter is a Vav but 16 is traditionally written as Tet Zain. 
My reading is 26.
26 Adar II 5711 however is April 3 1951  This is not aligned with the line with civil date.
I am curious to hear further ideas.
Simcha is the name of Samuel's father. In Ashkenazi communities Simcha is a male name. 

Best regards  

Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel 

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