Re: DNA testing #dna


All of the major companies are accurate and reliable. Those of who are predominant Ashkenazi will get 100% or close to that from Ancestry, FTDNA and 23andMe. With MyHeritage you are likely to get some of your percentages classified as Sephardi, Southern Italian, North African, etc. For those who have a small percentage of Jewish you need to understand how each company divides up the geographic areas and the ethnic groups and how they title them, to make sense of your results. It often makes sense to compare your ethnicity across the 4 major companies. If you are keen to find relatives you should be on all 4. The major companies are continually improving and updating their ethnicity estimates, therefore what you get today is like to be different from what you will get in two years time. Where more work is being done is localities where it is difficult to differentiate the Jewish ethnicity from the wider population. For example, MyHeritage gives about 5% Southern Italian. Is this really Italian, or some Sephardi or ancient Jewish. 
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

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