Researching Tzalel Blachman of Apt/Opatow #poland

Carol Weinberg

Hi Genners
I am researching my paternal great grandfather Betazlel /Tzalel/Tzaleh Blachman for Apt/Opatow, Poland.
He was born to Gabriel Blajchman and Chia Chana Mer in Opatow in 1855 and died in Opatow about 1900.
He was a big "macher" in Opatow, an educated man that was known to be able to get things done. His nickname was "Der roiteh avocat" although I have no documentation that he was an actual lawyer. He helped numerous men avoid the draft into the Russian army, with bribes and exaggerated claims of physical challenges.
I am looking for any information about him, including information on his address in Opatow, his siblings, and any stories about people that he helped in Opatow.
He had 9 children:
Shaindlel Blachman Rosengarten, moved to Warsaw
Gittle Blachman Rozenblum, moved to New York
Rifka Bayla Blachman Wajnberg, died in Opatow
Devorah Blachman Cohen, moved to Toronto
Pinchas Blachman, moved to Toronto
Yita Blachman Wajnberg, moved to Toronto
Max Blacman,  moved to London Ontario, then Toronto
Fishle Blachman,  moved to London Ontario, then Toronto
Zlateh Blachman, moved to London Ontario, then Toronto, then New York
Thanks to all
Carol Blackman Weinberg, Toronto
COTT/KOTT in Bialystok, Buenos Aires
BLACKMAN/BLACHMAN/BLAJCHMAN in Opatow, Ostrovtse, Ivansk
MIKLAVSKI in Poland and Russia

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