Sinko, Shinke, Sinka from Lithuania #lithuania

Diane Jacobs

I prefer my husband's quote when describing me as a genealogist. She is more interested in the dead than the living.
Just in case this resonates with others from
 Lithuania, after 20 years of searching for my maternal grandfather's family, I have learned that Singman in NYC and Wash. DC were not Schimkov as stated in there 1888
passenger manifest from Vilna, but Sinko
or Shinke from Gelvonai, Sirvintos and Jonava. 
Anyone with similar names, please contact me.  Thanks. 
Diane Jacobs
Somerset NJ
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I was just alerted to this story by a friend.  I haven’t read it yet but thought someone might be interested.

The wife of my cousin in Switzerland, whom I visited at their home in Switzerland years ago commented  "You are all so busy with genealogy because you are all orphans".

David Lewin
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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