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Sharon E Siegel

I am pretty new to posting here and hoping I have hastags and format correct.
A promise made to my late mother-in-law has taken me on an eye-opening and so inspiring, but heartbreaking, heart-wrenching journey of understanding and desire to know all we can about the experiences that brought Anna Iglicka Rzezak Siegel and Israel Rzezak Siegel together and able to survive unimaginable horrs that took the lives of dozens of their loved ones -- nearly their entire families murdered by the time they made it back to their pre-war hometowns.

We have videos of both Izzy and Annie, and notes and some documents. We are retracing their lives and doing extensive research.

We are looking for any tips for direction in reaching out for the following:

Anna Iglicka Rzezak Siegel's family in Lodz or Zdunska Wola.  Her father Shlomo Iglicki was a rabbi.  Her mother Rosa Pakentregger Iglicka  was a housewife.  Anna was the youngest of six children.  Her father told her she was young and could run as Nazi's invaded. She reluctantly did, still as a teen and alone.  She eventually boarded a train to Siberia and was put to work in a logging camp.   When the pact was signed releasing work camp detainees, she made her way by boat to Russian farms and contacted diseases, lost a baby, and learned that all but a brother had been killed while she was away.

Israel Rzezak Siegel was drafted to the Polish and then Russian Armies.  He left his hometown of Lodz, a wife and two young children.  He unknowingly was on the same train that his future wife was on to Siberian logging camp, and then the boat through Russia. They never met until they were off the boat and on the farms and towns in Russia.  Izzy learned that his wife and first two children were murdered, just like Annie's family.

Both managed to get to America on the Marine Perch, where my husband and two younger sons were born.

I have documents and some facts, not enough.

Can anyone advise how to get birth certificates, death certificates, and records from military and work camp detention in Siberian logging camp, and anything else that could help?

Thank you so much for anything you can do to help us. Stanley B. and Sharon E. Siegel, Port Jervis, NY USA

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