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Krzysztof Witaszek

I have found Iglicka Chana born 1922, father Szlama, 
sent to the spec-village Abramkowo on 13.07.1940 from Bialystok region.
After amnesty she went to the city of Samarkanda ( Republic of Uzbekistan) on 11.09.1941.
There is her personal file in the Archangielsk Archive. (signature AR-T- -4950)
The site for the archive
I heard that it  is necessary to write them in Russian.
I don't know where Abramkowo was. It should be in the Archangielsk region (Oblast), but I don't find it on the list of its spec-villages.
On the list there is Icko Rzezak, born 1914, son of Lejzer 
You can search here
The river on which they were traveling had to be Amu Daria. People were put on large barges, many did not survive this flight (diseases, poor nutrition). The end of the flight was in Farab. 
By the way my ggfather Jozef Zaremba and one of his daughters were sent to one of the spec-villages in Archangielsk Oblast in February 1940. They lost their lives on the Amu Daria River. 
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Krzysztof Witaszek

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