Looking for Dora nee Grossman and George Cohen's Family in Lefrak City, NY #usa #records


Looking for Dora nee Grossman and George Cohen of Lefrak City, Queens, NY
Dora and George both died after 1980 but don’t have details of when and where. Looking for their tombstones. No one in our family has contacts with their 3 sons. 3 sons have no children to our knowledge.
Dora nee Grossman Cohen - March 11, 1911 Manhattan, NY

George Cohen - September 6, 1910 Manhattan, NY

They got married on March 20, 1935 Brooklyn, NY
Three sons:

They lived in Lefrak City, Queens, NY. 

Kenneth Cohen - April 1, 1948 - went into the air force during Vietnam, worked as a photographer - married to Elaine Carol Auerbach on July 10, 1983 Manhattan, NY Elaine was born on December 4, 1945 Brooklyn, NY

Jerome Cohen - February 25, 1939 - lived in Arizona - married several times - no info

Robert Cohen - June 15, 1945 - went into the army
Dora’s parents: Ida nee Poritz and Sol Grossman are buried at Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, Queens, NY . Sol’s family name was Klein. He is the only child that changed to Grossman. His siblings are Esther Klein Efland Luttenger, Nathan Klein, Zelda Klein Rosenberg, and Jennie Genedel Klein Sockoloff.
Dora’s 7 siblings: Edward Jack Grossman, Louis Grossman, Bella Berger Newman, Rose Rudnick, Benjamin Grossman, Rebecca Kassenoff and Max Grossman. 
I don’t have any info on George Cohen’s family. 
p.s. there is another Elaine Carol Auerbach who is married to Kenneth Cohen in New York City - it is the wrong family. 
Thank you so much!
Sharon Ann Dror

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