Re: Samuel Unger Family from Bielsko-Biala and Kamesznica, Zywiec, Poland #poland #galicia

Joyce Eastman

I want to thank everyone for their input regarding the family of Samuel Unger as it might relate to my Rufeisen family; and to Stanley Diamond, Executive Director of JRI-Poland for the information regarding the current data entry of records from the Polish State Archives as well as the Bielsko-Biala Civil Records Office for the Bielsko-Biala area regarding birth, marriage and death records.  I look forward to reviewing these records once the data entry is completed.

I should note that I did hire Jacek Proszyk years ago to do research for me regarding my Rufeisen and Scheier families from the Bielsko-Biala area.  He was quite helpful and also provided me with a copy of his book, although there was no CD with the English translation at that time.  In any case, he pointed out the pages in the book that referenced my families and I was able to glean information from that to confirm the information he had provided to me.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

Researching: RUFEISEN/SCHEIER/ROBINSOHN - Biala/Sucha/Zywiec/Szare, Poland and Israel

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