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Krzysztof Witaszek

Finally I've found Abramkowo on the map and on the list.
Coordinates for this place are.
62.08625389606497, 45.09560011268705
It is situated by the river Dwina. So it is likely that Anna traveled also by this river.  
This spec-village was intended only for the Jews. In 1941 there were 350 of them.
The closest river stop for the boats was Jagrysz (10 km away). The closest municipality (Sielsowiet) was Fedkow (10 km). The closest train station was Kotlas (150 km away).
This spec-village was the only one in the region that was not assigned to the forest industry, but to the river transportation (SURP). 
The map shows the spec- villages in Archangielsk Oblast.
White squares show the villages for the Jews and the dark squares for the Poles and others.
Krzysztof Witaszek

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