Re: Cape Verde Jewish roots? #dna #sephardic


Hello David,

DNA results work as well as they do for Ashkenazim because this group appears to have
passed through a genetic bottleneck at its founding, approx. 1100 years ago, probably
somewhere in northeast France.  That is, Ashkenazim bear an unmistakable genetic
signature.  Similar events are not well identified in the general Sephardic population, and I
suspect that DNA would not be helpful.  An exception would be kohen or levite ancestry and
markers in the y chromosome, but these would have had to be maintained through an unbroken
male lineage over 5 centuries.  Somewhat unlikely.  If written history, e.g. baptismal certificates, is
available, that might be a lead, particularly if one could establish a link to known
converso families (16th century).  Unlike Ashkenazim, Sephardim had family names extending
back many, many centuries.      Michael Greenfield       Tours, FR

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