Looking for my ggf’s family Abraham Feldman #usa


I am looking for any information on my great grandfather’s family. His name was Abraham Friedman, he was born in 1892 in dec 18 in Elizabeth NJ. to Anne Israel and Abraham Friedman. I’m guessing his dad died before he was born which is why he has the same name. Now this is where it becomes interesting; his birth certificate lists him as Fridman and we don’t know if this is a misspelling or not. He never spoke about his family to anyone that we know of. I know my grandfather - his son- never knew anything about them. But this seems to have been a thing with that generation as I also found out that he and my ggm also had a daughter that died a year before my grandfather was born. Here’s what I know:

born in 1892 in NJ Abraham Fridman. Married Jennie Goldfinger in 1915, - Friedman - daughter born 1916- Ruth died April 1917, Bennie Friedman born April 1918, Ben married Rose Hamberger and had Marsha and Elliott, Marsha Friedman married Karl Weinstein and had Leonard(me) and Mitchell 

I know nothing of Abrahams family or if he had any siblings and I can’t find anything online can anyone help?

thank you
Len Weinstein

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