Zinaburg family of Leningrad #belarus #lithuania #scandinavia #russia


Recently, I interpreted a postcard in Yiddish, posted from Petrograd (today's St. Petersburg, before that Leningrad) in Russia to my great-grandfather, who for a few years resided in Sweden. The postcard was sent a few weeks after the Russian revolution, in December 1917.

The addressee was my GGF Isaac Pawlowsky, temporarily staying with my grandparents' family in the northern town of Sundsvall in Sweden. The sender was M. Zinaburg of Petrograd; according to the contents I have reason to presume that he (or she) was related to my Lithuanian Pawlowsky family.

Any information of the Zinaburg family, who lived in Petrograd in 1917, will be much appreciated.

Seth Jacobson

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