Re: SCHWARZSCHILD family of Kassel Germany--fate of children? #germany #holocaust

Madeleine Isenberg

It looks like you have tried to research this a few years ago.  I will forward this to someone I know, Julia, who lives not far from Kassel and might be able to help.  I do not want to include her complete name and email here so as not to overwhelm her.
I hope she might be able to help you.
Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA
Researching: GOLDMAN, STEINER, LANGER, GLUECKSMAN, STOTTER in various parts of Galicia, Poland
(Nowy Targ, Nowy Sanz, Wachsmund, Dembno, Lapuszna, Krakow, Ochotnica) who migrated into Kezmarok or
nearby towns in northern Slovakia and Czech Republic (i.e., those who lived/had businesses in Moravska Ostrava);
GOLDSTEIN in Sena or Szina, Szkaros and Kosice, Slovakia; Tolcsva and Tokaj, Hungary.

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