Re: Need headstone translations from Hebrew #translation


Hello Sherry,


The one on the right


The two letters are an abbreviation or  -here  liesor here is buried


Son of Shlomo

Passed 6 nisan 5731 (1971)


On the left

Same two letters  on top

Sima Chaya

Daughter o reb Yehuda

Passed27 Nisan 5713 (1953)



The two letters on top – abbreviation for here lies  or here is buried

Important woman

Leah daughter of Ya’akov

Passed 20 iyar 5696 (1936)

May her soul be gathered in eternal life (abbreviation in  last  line)



Innocent and honest man

Yehuda son of Aharon Leib passed 20 Shevat 5687 (1927)

Same abbreviation in last line


Shalom, Malka Chosnek

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