Town Finder Question #holocaust

Sam G.

I was able to retrieve the Ghetto Theresienstadt Card File for my GGF Hermann GRONNER from the Arolsen Archives online search, with the original available from the Jewish Communities archive in Prague.

The card image lists his birthplace in 1857 as "Bulovitz", a community I cannot find in the JG TownFinder database nor in other web searches.  I'm guessing if such a community existed, it was likely in the former Austro-Hungarian empire because the family was German speaking and many of his children, including my grandfather Samuel GRONNER, were born in the Silesia region around Teschen (Cieszyn, Poland, and Tesin, Czech Republic today).

Anyone have any idea if Bulovitz is a correct spelling for a real place at the time, and/or what it would be today?

-Amnon Gronner, USA

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