Farhi family- Rhodes to Tangier #general

שניר יחזקאל

I would like to ask you some several questions about my grandma’s past -  
The Farhi family lived in Rhodes until 1939. With the beginning of World War II, Italy ruled an aggressive antisemitic attitude on the Jewish people in Rhodes [which formerly belonged to the Italian nation at that time]. The family included 9 souls which w then considered one of the most multi-child families all over Rhodes. 
As the war progressed, enormous efforts have been made by the International Community to save the lives of as many Jews as possible. So, it was determined that some of the most multi-children Jews families [including the Farhi family] will sail to a destination that will keep them safe. After a long “journey” from place to place, they arrived nearly 24 days after they left Rhodes to Tangier - where they stayed for 6 years
SoI would like to ask if you have some knowledge about the organization that has helped them to exit Rhodes and enter Tangier, and maybe the names of the places they have been before entering Tangier?
I’m trying to look for some documents and information about that and will bless any Information or document that will help me to understand more about my grandmother’s past. 
I appreciate your help and work, 
Thank you very much
Snir Ahiad Yehezkel,
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