Re: "Researchers" submitting Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony #israel #holocaust


I do not have much experience in submitting online pages of testimony (POTs), but have done this once in my life, less than a year ago. Unfortunately, for various reasons most probably psychological, my grandparents on both sides of the family (all grew up in the UK)  did not do this although both my paternal grandparents had told me that they had lost cousins as well as it seems great uncles and great aunts. My maternal grandparents did not tell me anything and am not sure to what extent they were even aware of their more distant family, or even that my grandfather knew the fate of his half-brother that he told me he had and with whom they lost contact - that is my grandfather ever had any contact before the half-brother left for continent Western Europe, as my grandfather was born almost twenty years later.

From what I saw of the online forms, if one was not a relative or teacher or employer etc. of the murdered, then one would designate oneself as a researcher.

So, I feel your scenario is very plausible, although I think it would have been better for the tour guide to have written the name of the person who gave him the information and his/her relationship on the form, whether manual or online or at a terminal at Yad Vashem before this became available on the Internet. Yet, it might be for the same reason that my grandparents did not want to be "submitters", these tourists preferred to give it to do, to someone else whom they did not really know personally.

If this tour guide is still going strong, why not try and find his contact details (maybe online Israel telephone directories) and phone him?

PS The sole POT I submitted was for my grandfather's half brother Jacques GEWELBE. He already has a mention on Yad Vashem database from one of the Transport lists from France - but his age on this existing Yad Vashem transcription is completely out of proportion and not as on the original Transport list.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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