Unknow Birth Place: Berezniki USSR? Radom, Poland ghettos? #poland #russia


A Holocaust Survivor still searching to find out where she was born.  In  Radom Poland  ghettos or possibly in Berezniki, USSR in May 1941. No records for her birth with JRI Poland. Her parents said they interned in both Radom ghettos and  told her she was given up for hiding with a Polish woman.  Long after her parents had died a distant cousin told her she never was hidden with a Polish woman and that they had fled to USSR. ITS documents show that mother  and child were reunited in DP camps in Berlin and their last address shown as coming from Berezniki USSR.  Two emails were sent to Berezniki city hall in Russian and English but no answer.
She desperately would like to fill  the gap of her first 5 year existence.
Any suggestions?  They would be very much appreciated..
Thank you!
Evelyne Haendel
The Hidden Child Foundation/ADL

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