survivors from Venusberg concentration camp who returned to Budapest #hungary #holocaust


I am still trying to find out what happened to Malvin Weisz/Weiss born Malvina Paneth in 1913 in Onod. It looks like she may have been in a DP camp in Homberg in 1946. She was inĀ  Venusberg from January 1945 then to Mauthausen in April. Many of the women died on the way there. A lot of the Hungarian women who were sent to Venusberg (from Ravensbruck) were from Budapest, so maybe any survivors kept in touch and I could find out what happened to Malvin that way (she was married to my 2nd cousin Jeno Weisz who died in Ebensee in April 1945). So if anyone knows of anyone who survived from Venusberg, maybe I could get in touch with their family. Many thanks.

Emma Cole

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