Incorrect ship manifest exclusion/deportation designation? #usa #general #records

Michael Rubin

Like many, I've found an immigrant ancestor deemed liable to become a public charge on a ship's manifest (July, 1909) whose appeal was dismissed and whose line on the manifest is stamped "DEPORTED."  The issue is that this person actually made it into the US and showed up in the 1910 census and lived the rest of his life in the US.  Aside from the possibility that he went back to Europe and then successfully (re)immigrated between July, 1909 and April, 1910, is it possible that he made it into the US in July, 1909 in spite of the indication to the contrary?  Is there a straightforward way to check that?  Might there be a correspondence file on his case and what's the best way to search for such a file these days?

Michael Rubin
Boston USA   

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