Need help reading manifest #lithuania

L Levy

Hi! I am having trouble reading the entry for Pesche Meierowitz on line 19 of this manifest. She is a cousin, and I'm trying to see who she is going to in NYC.  She arrived Sept 13th 1902 on the Rydam from Rotterdam to NYC,  she was from Smogon, although the letters above that word are difficult to read. Could it say "Vilna"?  It looks like she's going to her mother in law, a Ch Meierowitz who lives on Forsyth Street, but she's also listed as single.  I see addition passengers from Smorgon on this page as well, I don't know if they are related. Thanks in advance.

Laura Levy
Seattle, WA
Levy/Feller Balta/Boyarka Meierowitz Smorgon/Vilna Tzgelnitski Lida Beller/Eisenberg Neizhyn

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