Looking for the name of a righteous gentile in Vienna who died approximately 1980-1985 #austria-czech #general #holocaust


Hello, I want to help honor a righteous gentile who hid my family from the Nazis in 1939.  I met her in Vienna in about 1980 and she was close to 100 years old.  She lived at 12 Tandelmarktgasse and had been the superintendent of the building beginning probably in early 1930's.  Her last name was Stepanek but I don't know her first name.  I searched the Zentralfriedhof but looks like there are a few possibilities.  Any suggestions for finding her first name? Are there telephone directories from the 1970's that might list her name? 

George Frankel
SF  California

Researching:  Beller, Zell, Frankel, Bleich:   Vienna; Bobrka Galicia; Mikolajow Galicia,

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