Nazi-era Jewish refugees from Hamburg: research opportunity #germany #holocaust #records

Judith Berlowitz

I just received the following copied message on, connected to the profile of Karl Kutschera. I became interested in his genealogy while including his Café Wien in my book of historical fiction (about to be published in Spain). Since I'm not able to follow up on this find, tempted though I am, I'm posting Irene's message here, with her knowledge, in case any of you are interested in contacting Dr. Kleibl in Bremerhaven.
I hope this find reveals some worthy information! Best of luck,

<<Hello Judith, I was looking in geni for Karl Kutschera and found you.
If i see it correctly you are jewish. I've been doing genealogy for a long time and recently found a lady who works for a German museum who found forgot boxes from Jewish refugees in the port of Hamburg during the Nazi era. Maybe you want to get in touch with this lady.

Katrin Kleibl

With best regards Irene Cantez>>

Judith Berlowitz, San Francisco

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