Aron Armand CIPEFIN #hungary #holocaust


Dear All,
I am looking for information on the fate of Dr. Aron Armand CIPERFIN.  He was born in 1907/08 in the Russian Empire, but grew up in Budapest.  Due to the Numerus Clausus, he studied medicine at the University of Würzburg, then came back to Hungary after the Nazis came to power.   I know that he was at the Zsidokorhaz (Jewih Hospital) in 1938, and he was still alive in 1940.  According to the Yad Vashem central database, "he was murdered in the Shoah."  I'm trying to figure out how/when he died.  I suspect he was killed at Kameniec-Podolski, but it's also possible that he died in munkaszolgalat (forced labor service).    Please let me know if anyone has any leads.
Thank you,
Michael Miller 

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