Re: Looking for the name of a righteous gentile in Vienna who died approximately 1980-1985 #austria-czech #general #holocaust


Her husband Ferdinand Stepanek, shoemaker, in 1938 was the "Hausbesorger" in Tandelmarktgasse 12; see "Lehmann online" 1938, vol. 2, "Hausparteien" via address; "E" stands for houseowner, "H" for "Hausbesorger". He was born 21-Aug-1883 and was buried at Vienna Zentralfriedhof 15a-11-21 7-Feb-1949. His wife Anna was borb 12-Apr-1883 and was buried there 27-Feb-1978, also a son Ferdinand jun., born 21-Feb-1904, died 24-Aug-1941 in Castellezgasse 12.
Wolf-Erich Eckstein,
Vienna, Austria

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